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Christine Brooke-Rose Bibliography

Christine Brooke-Rose grew up between Switzerland, Belgium and the UK, speaking French, German and English. She worked at Bletchley Park during WWII and studied at Somerville College, Oxford. She wrote novels, articles, literary criticism and theoretical works. She taught at Université de Paris-Vincennes from 1968 until she retired in Provence in 1989. She died in 2012.
Christine Brooke-Rose, une bibliographie complète.

7 marches dans Google Maps

De courtes fictions inventées en me promenant dans Google Maps. Chaque marche fait une dizaine de kilomètres. Le lecteur peut lui aussi se promener et dériver, en utilisant la carte ou Google Street View.
Short fictions that live inside Google Maps.

Memento Mori

What it says on the tin: remember that you must die, but now we must drink; now with loose feet we must beat the earth.